Real Estate Content Contributor

We love connecting with real estate professionals who can help us fulfill our mission: helping agents and brokers achieve more in their careers.

We're looking for content contributors who have practical, hands-on experience in real estate and can provide guidance on starting and growing a career.

Why become a content contributor? 

Writing or contributing to our content – whether it's blogs, interviews, podcasts or webinars – can help you build your reputation and accelerate your career. You'll gain exposure and credibility in your profession and have the opportunity to connect with other influential real estate pros. 

Our readers 

Our family of brands reaches over 3 million people exploring or just getting started in real estate, those who have been in the career for several years, and agents who are are highly specialized. 

What are the benefits to those contributing? 
  • Byline and bio in each article
  • Backlinks to your website, blog and social media account(s)
  • Tags on social media
  • Exposure and credibility in your profession
Where is my content shared? 
  • On our websites and blogs

  • Emails to thousands of real estate professionals

  • Social media accounts

What makes quality content? 
  • It's original. If you used the content elsewhere in the past, we ask that you edit or re-write it to be original to our site
  • Write for others in your profession. Address their needs, fears, challenges, burning questions and pain points. 
  • Hone in on the main message. Edit your intro so the point of your post is clear. 
  • Be prescriptive. Don't tell readers to do something; tell them how. 
  • Tell a story. Cover the who, what, where, when, how and why. Make it personal and share your own experiences. 
  • Make it long enough to engage readers. We don't have a word-count goal, but articles between 600-1000 words are ideal. 
  • Explain buzzwords. 
  • Be thoughtful with links. Posts with too many links back to your website will be edited. 
  • Avoid self-promotion. Your author bio is a good place to include that info. 
  • Use a friendly, first-person voice. 
  • Give credit where it's due. Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources. We'll run your article through a plagiarism checker. 
What should I write about? 

Our readers look for content that guides them on starting or growing their career. The content should be helpful, insightful or entertaining. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: 

  • What to think about when starting a real estate career
  • Why you love your career
  • Challenges you face (and how to overcome them)
  • Industry trends
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Pain points
  • Tips on lead generation, negotiation, managing transactions, etc. 
  • Thoughts or insights on contracts and forms
  • How to run a business efficiently
  • Ideas for saving time or money
Article length

All content submitted must be at least 800 words. 

Article rights 

We request that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for ten business days, after which time they may be republished in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on our website. 

How do I get started? 

Fill out the form below to get started. Once we receive your information, we'll send you an email with next steps.